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Customer Experience

You can’t look at employee and customer experience separately. They are two sides of the same coin. And you need both for a brand result that people care about. Brand is a result of the promises you keep… -Michel Hogan


People want connection, to feel seen and heard, to have personalization. They care about how their actions and decisions have impact; the ripple effect. They want their lives to have meaning and impact. There is no work/life balance anymore, it’s just life.
“Life Integrated.”

Let’s Be Real, Living Brand Result, LBR.

Which Era is Your Business In?
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Focused: on features & benefits. “Cool” product drew customers in.
Reality: Products also need servicing.
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Product + Service
Focused: on servicing the product.
Reality: to create customer relationships (even if customers didn’t know it).
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Customer Centric
Focused: on customer needs.
Reality: Reactivity burns through capital (time, talent, energy) exponentially; throwing people internally into “survival” mode.
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Experiential Social
Creating conscious, immersive experiences evoking feelings.
Reality: Business is stuck in Customer Centric beliefs; this could be perilous for longevity.
“The age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) brings about unprecedented opportunities as well as new challenges. To take full advantage of new technologies, we need to place emphasis on what makes us human: the capacity to learn new skills as well as our creativity, empathy and ingenuity.

By developing our unique traits and talents, humanity can cope with increasingly fast technological change and ensure broad-based progress for all.”

Klaus Schwab
Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

We meet you where you are at.
Our economic reality is shifting so rapidly that it is hard to keep up. In the Experiential Social Economy people want a feeling, a connection to a bigger picture.
How is that going to impact your business?
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