Michel Hogan
LBR Partner

Independent Brand Counsel

For over two decades, Michel has helped organisations make promises they can keep, and keep the promises they make. Whether she is guiding strategy, understanding customers, delving into operations or developing communications approaches, her work creates alignment between who they are, what they say, and what they do. So, whether they are offering up products, services, or ideas, nothing gets in the way of their success and a robust, resilient brand is the result.

Currently based in Victoria, Australia, Michel has worked with a diverse range of clients throughout Australia and the United States – including small-to-medium size enterprises, start-ups, individuals, larger corporations, and non-profits.

Michel is a regular contributor to online and print publications including over ten years writing a weekly blog for SmartCompany and is the author of “Between Making Money and World Peace” and “The Unheroic Work”.